NFL Rumors That Won’t Go Away, But Should

Will all the Adrian Peterson talk finally die down? This is coming from someone who predicted Peterson to eventually play for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. I’m also saying that A.P. will play 2015 in Minnesota, but I still believe it’s only a matter of when he will suit up for America’s Team. I’m tired of seeing all of these “reports” about who is in or out of the running to acquire the best running back in football. It is what it is and that’s all to it.

All of this nonsense connecting Chip Kelly to Oregon players just because. Look, we all understand that he developed a program for the Ducks, putting them on the map before crossing the country to Philly. Sure, the Eagles have probably showed interest and made calls to move up in the draft, that’s how you know if it’s possible to get in a position to draft a player of interest. That player could very well be Marcus Mariota, but we all knew this talk was coming during last season. Can we just get to draft day already? There isn’t going to be any breaking news until we’re a day away, or the weekend hits.

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On that note, the contract situation of Sam Bradford. Why in the world would Bradford negotiate a contract extension? Why would the Eagles? With one year remaining on the deal, Bradford is gladly reeling in $13 million, but he has to stick around for a pair of games to collect. As of right now, the Eagles could ship him out-of-town, not have to pay him a dime, and they get a 3rd round pick out of it. Bradford understandably wants to rebuild his image and value, for that second contract. The trade rumor has been out there, fine, it’s possible. If it all turns out to be smoke, and people stop trying to get into Coach Kelly’s mind, it could be a win-win for a team with playoff aspirations and a former number one pick. Plus, the team always has the franchise tag in their back pocket. Like I said earlier, let’s just get to draft weekend without beating the same drum over and over.

Cleveland has no plans for Johnny Manziel. After one rocky season off the field, the first round pick spent part of the offseason in rehabilitation. The problem stems from the top of the franchise, which has been laughable for years. There are issues with front office personnel nearly every offseason. Josh Gordon wasn’t an angel, and Manziel hasn’t been either. Look, the Browns went 7-9, most of their games were played with Brian Hoyer under center. Manziel made 5 appearances. Shocker, but there is such a thing as honing a young player in, helping him learn the ropes, in hopes of him growing into a starter and a leader for the franchise. Maybe they bring another arm via trade or the draft, competition is great, but they need to help their investment and the obsession with reporting about him needs to be less Tim Tebow-esque.

The fact that many have already labeled wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and pass rusher Dion Jordan busts. Are you kidding me? When young players get drafted high, it’s often to struggling teams, not necessarily playoff-caliber teams. Sometimes those players aren’t ready to make a splash and become instant leaders. Sometimes, they need to learn how to adapt to the lifestyle off the field, the higher level of play, playbook complexity, and simply get along with the locker room. They have to come in and do their part, but so do the coaching staffs. That’s why you go out and get a veterans, to either help lead, or to be stop-gap starters, or split the playing time, any one of those options can help. In Jordan’s case, he’s also been linked to his former college coach in Kelly. The Dolphins did go out and signed a cornerstone type of player in Ndamukong Suh, that’s a guy that will make the rest of his teammates better. Patterson, Peterson’s teammate, has shown playmaking ability, but it was the entire offense that struggled without their best player last season. It’s way too early to throw in the towel on these talents, regardless of how they pan out.