Field Goal (3 NFL Points 7.11.15)

What’s going on football fanatics? It’s supposed to be down time, for the most part, in the sports world. If you can’t keep away from the latest news and rumors, I hear you, so shall we get to some NFL talk already?

greg hardy

Greg Hardy is considering an appeal to his reduced suspension.

Wait a minute. You just got a 10-game ban reduced to 4 games, that’s already a win. Granted, I’m not in favor of how the NFL goes about their discipline, and Hardy did only play in one game last season. That should have been enough discipline, you would think. In this Roger Goodell administration, and this specific situation, over half the ban was wiped out for Hardy and the Cowboys. At this point, I say, don’t be greedy and just roll with the league. Then again, if there were to be a next situation to review in regards to Hardy, it would likely be the end of the road. So, I do see the logic in trying to miss even less action.

This could only be a good thing for Tom Brady, at least in the public eye. Sure, a third of the media and fans believe that Brady is lying every single day. There’s a third of us that don’t really give a damn. The other third wants his suspension reduced to draft him in fantasy football, or because they’re Patriots’ fans. If the 4-game suspension gets upheld, there will be some heat on the NFL for reducing Hardy’s domestic violence suspension, if they don’t reduce Brady’s for this ridiculous Deflate-Gate that happens on a weekly basis.

demaryius dez

Dallas and Denver in trouble? 

The word collusion is being thrown around and the NFL Players’ Association has entered an investigation. The Cowboys and Broncos may or may not have had words about the franchise tag and their star receivers, Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas. Each wide out has a deadline of July 15 to sign their franchise tender sheet, which would put an end to this collusion investigation. On the football field, these are elite targets with special talents. A player has to get theirs while they are healthy and playing at a high level. There are very few options for a player when it comes to leverage in negotiations, but I’ll tell you, these playoff teams will not make it back without these guys.

Or, just maybe, the illuminati has something against the #88.

lesean demarco

An NFL Executive, who remains anonymous, chooses “LeSean McCoy over DeMarco Murray any day.”

Apples: Shady McCoy is a shifty runner that jukes, better than anyone in the league, to bounces outside.

Oranges: DeMarco Polo is a decisive downhill runner, with a one-cut style that keeps his feet churning as well as anyone.

In reality football, fantasy football, and debate, both are elite running backs that have led the league in rushing. It’s no secret that the Dallas O-line improved so much, that they have entered the elite realm. I think you should pay attention to Bill Callahan, former offensive line coach, leaving the Boys for the Skins.

Not to forget, despite injuries to all but one lineman in Philly last season, Chip Kelly’s scheme is what kept the unit in elite ranks, and they moved on from veterans that missed games anyway. Shady gives the Bills an identity, and that trade landed a promising Kiko Alonso. Murray felt slighted by his former team and went to a division rival, and his style goes hand-in-hand with theirs.

These backs are both good and fun to watch. If you’re going to compare the players on the surface like this executive did, you have to dive into the details as well. As an individual player, of course McCoy is more talented and has achieved more up to this point. Maybe Murray passed him by in this point in time, `where he was ranked #4 and McCoy was #29 on the NFL Top 100, but we will get our answer this season. It is humorous how former teammates of each player have said that each star runner left yards out on the field a season ago. I cannot wait to watch how productive the backfields are in Dallas, Philly, and Buffalo.

Alright, forgive me football fans, aside from America’s Team that is. This is what happens when Dallas has a good season and gets a playoff victory, they regain command of the headlines. Thank the media for that if you root for them. These were a few points that I wanted to touch on: the suspensions, franchise tags, and poking at an anonymous executive for not diving into the details.

I’ll take McCoy over Murray every time,” a top personnel executive said. “When you played the Eagles, you feared McCoy. He was the guy who scared you the most. When you played Dallas, you didn’t fear Murray. He’s good. But you didn’t fear him. You feared Dez (Bryant), or (Tony) Romo, but not Murray.”

The Eagles won 10 games in each of the last two seasons, but they missed the postseason last year. To fear or not to fear? Believe me, I just might be the biggest Shady fan that isn’t related to him, They made the playoffs when DeSean Jackson was on the roster, and the offense was led by Jackson and McCoy. The Boys made it last season because the offense was led by both Murray and Bryant. Favorites, preferences, whatever. Put your name on it like me and most people writing or talking about this. Comparisons in football, you have to take the situation and success, everything into account. Not what you personally want to see and conveniently leave out.