Take A Knee: Colts Offense

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So, the Colts win their third in a row after a troubling start. That’s not to say that they have come up with the answers for their flaws, however, considering that the last two victories came with backup Matt Hasselbeck. Normally, you would think that a healthy Andrew Luck would put Indianapolis in a similar position to the last couple of seasons.They are surely the favorites to win the AFC South again, but what if beating their rivals all in a row isn’t enough?

It would certainly be enough to clinch another division title, but beating the Titans, Jaguars, and Texans doesn’t mean they solved anything. Especially with Luck sidelined, you have to take into account that the superstar potential of the 4th year quarterback is more hype than it is fulfilled. He is very well a star and the face of the franchise, and ultimately, the guy at fault for falling 0-2 to begin with. I’m speaking in terms of performance on the field because we all know, the front office just drafted a receiver in the first round as opposed to a run stuffer for the defense. Or even a replacement pass rusher to fill Robert Mathis’ shoes. Or even an offensive lineman.

The latest additions, veterans Frank Gore and Andre Johnson, have finally made the impact the the offense expected and needed from them. They elevated their play in the absence of Luck, but it could also be in spite of Luck, or at least it’s a possibility. It’s apparent that a defense will focus on stopping the run while trying to force Hasselbeck to beat them throughout four quarters, which is what the 40-year-old QB did in two straight games. The last we saw from Luck, he led the Colts to a 4th quarter comeback at Tennessee in week 3. It’s been evident that defenses have applied heavy pressure on him and all, but Luck has been chucking passes. Despite missing the last pair of games, Luck is still tied with a league-high, seven interceptions along with Jameis Winston. Read that twice.

This is why I suggest to take a knee when it comes to drawing a conclusion at what Indy’s identity is in 2015. You know, more of a wait and see approach. I’m not arguing that there is a QB controversy or anything like that. It’s sort of ridiculous to put a defensive-oriented head coach in Chuck Pagano on the hot seat for a defense that continues to be an offseason afterthought. It’s only week 5 and the Colts are in first place riding a three-game streak, but the offense didn’t look good with him. Maybe the “other guys” turned a corner with their leader on the sidelines and the offense will look as explosive as they were last season. That could be the case, but then again, defenses will keep pressing the receivers and sending the house at Luck when he does return.

I wouldn’t get overjoyed about Indy just yet, because when you think about it, they have a lot of improving to do before even thinking they can compete with the Patriots. I don’t think they can still beat the Broncos and Bengals at this point in time, like they have in the postseason. After all, they have now entered the expectation of returning to the AFC Championship Game and possibly reach the Super Bowl, and right now they don’t look like a team that’s going to live up to that hype. But do understand, that there is plenty of time for them to get things right in one of the weakest divisions.