Lights Out Eli, Breakaway Beckham

eli obj

Not to bore you with stats, but Eli Manning was on point Monday Night in Miami. After watching the Redskins and Eagles win on Sunday, the Giants kept pace 31-24 over the Dolphins, who fall a game back in the AFC wildcard hunt. The NFC East is a 3-way tie at 6-7 thanks to Manning: 27/31, 337 yards, 4 touchdowns, and no picks. No, those numbers aren’t from a Madden game.

This is the first week of the entire season that the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles have all won in the same week. Not to dive too much into the future, but the survivor and winner of the division will face either the surging Seahawks or the gritty Vikings.

Living in the here and now, it was exciting to watch former LSU teammates put on a show, wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. Beckham caught a 45-yard post route in the middle of the field, dragged his toe along the sideline for a sensational touchdown, then got the safety to bite on a slant and go double-move to score from 84 yards. Coming out of the 2-minute warning on third down, Dolphins out of timeouts, the Giants dialed up a passing play between Manning and Beckham to seal the deal on a sideline comeback route. O.B.J. drops a jaw-dropping 7-166-2 TDs.

Landry racked up 18 targets to lead all players. As he has all season long with an underwhelming Ryan Tannehill, Landry looks like Julian Edelman 2.0 as a possession receiver with explosiveness, finishing with 11 grabs for 99 yards. All receivers let a pass go through their hands at some point, but Tannehill missed his favorite target on several occasions when he was wide open. The receiver-turned-quarterback has had his moments of completing 20+ passes in a row, but he’s been slow to develop in the pocket and his first coaching staff was shown the door.

And finally, let’s give the defensive side of the ball some love, both in the New York state of mind. Rookie safety, Landon Collins, was all over the field and forced an early fumble. Journeyman nickel corner, Trevin Wade, covered Landry in the slot and made things tough for Tannehill downfield.