NFC East Survivor Likely Headed for Dead End

nfc east

I know that the Giants have made a couple of Super Bowl runs in the past decade, even if they did squeak into the playoff picture as underdogs. The Eagles had a long stretch of reaching the NFC Championship game in the early 2000’s. The Redskins are finding some of that success they tasted during RG3’s rookie year. I’m aware that the Cowboys are nearing their final weeks, but I do agree with not placing Tony Romo on I.R. until they are mathematically eliminated because many would pick them to win if Romo returned.

The best team will win as we’ll get to watch a round robin within the division in the final month of the season. Whether you believe the G-Men have jump-started another streak, or that Chip Kelly has figured things out, they are tied at 6-7 with Washington but I’m peaking ahead at the wildcard teams. Those will likely be the Seahawks and Vikings, and since Seattle beat them head-to-head they hold the tie-breaker. None of these teams want to see a tough Vikings defense and Adrian Peterson, but it is the preferred matchup. No one in the NFC wants to see the Seahawks, even off of the 12th Man, as they look like strong contenders with beats mode activating this postseason after some recovery time.

This could very well be a dead end. A disappointing first round game for the winner of the division. The nod has to go to New York if any of them is going to win a playoff game. The Giants and Seahawks would both have better records if they held onto 4th quarter leads in the first half of the season. Since they didn’t, N.Y. is tied with 2 other rivals while the Hawks have virtually no shot at catching Arizona, so their destiny is the higher wildcard spot. America’s Team can still play spoiler against D.C. in the final week.

I’m not sold on either team being the favorite. The Giants defense can’t be trusted. The same goes for Philly’s offense and Washington as a whole. Manning is clearly the best quarterback, plus he’s played in a lot of big games. Sam Bradford is asked to be the game manager that has made timely throws as of late. Kirk Cousins continues to display highs and lows in any given quarter.

Check out each of their schedules and be the judge:

Giants: vs Panthers, vs Vikings, vs Eagles

They face 3 teams that are all in the playoff picture, including a division rival.

Eagles: vs Cardinals, vs Redskins, at Giants

They also face 3 teams that are all in the playoff picture, including both rivals that they are tied with atop the division.

Redskins: vs Bills, at Eagles, at Cowboys

Again, 3 opponents in the playoff race, including 2 division rivals.

Divisional Games

Washington and New York split games 1-1. Washington beat Philadelphia in their first matchup. Philadelphia eat New York in their first head-to-head. Dallas split with both New York and Philly, and lost to Washington in their first dance.