NBA Draft Chatter


nba draft 2016

  1. 76ers: Philadelphia is widely believed to take forward Ben Simmons with the first overall pick. Whether they are trying to gauge trade interest for the top pick or not, the word is out about their strong interest in point guard Kris Dunn. This news certainly opens the door for any team in the league that would like to make a move for Simmons, or Brandon Ingram, one of the two top prospects. Also, with the return of Joel Embiid, many think that one of their young bigs will get shipped out at some point: Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, or Nerlens Noel. I highly doubt that they trade the #1 pick, and to go further, any trade involving a big man would be in a separate deal. Philly also has the 26th pick, perhaps they package that with a player to move up.
  2. Lakers: If they can’t trade the pick for a proven player like Paul George, which I don’t see happening whatsoever, then they will select the player that Philly doesn’t and that guy is thought to be Ingram. The fact that Simmons will not work out for the 76ers should not have much of an impact. Simmons’ game tape is already out there and he got his shoe deal, so I would agree with those that say a work out can only have a negative impact.
  3. Celtics: Of course they want to package some of their picks and players for a proven star like George, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, or DeMarcus Cousins. A lot of chatter has them picking Dragan Bender from Croatia. If they were really inquiring about George and Butler, if they make the pick then it should be Jaylen Brown. To me, Brown has the most desirable features and promise after the top-2 prospects. Bosotn also has picks #16, #23, and 5 in the second round. How about that ammo?
  4. Suns: Another team in need of big man so this is an option for Bender. I see mock drafts slating Hield to go here. They have Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, and Devin Booker already, so definitely expect a trade in the works if Hield is the pick. With an eye on the future, a Hield & Booker backcourt could be something special. You know the Suns are watching the Warriors and thinking that they could possibly replicate that success.
  5. T’Wolves: The sign Tom Thibodeau, a coach with a tendency to lean towards playing veterans. They have an extremely young team, with a whole lot of potential. They really want to trade the pick for a former Thibs’ player like Butler. Supposedly, the Bulls would only entertain a proposal that includes Andrew Wiggins. So, much like the Celtics, since we can see what type of player they’re looking for, it makes sense to target Brown. If you weren’t on the bandwagon about me ranking him as the 3rd best prospect, I bet you that some other team believes it.
  6. Pelicans: Down in the Big Easy, Alvin Gentry is high on Dunn’s point guard abilities. The Pelicans’ primary targets are rumored to be Dunn or Kentucky’s Jamal Murray. Depending on how Boston and Phoenix view Bender from Croatia, every scenario is possible when it comes to Dunn or Murray being available or taken by the time they get on the board with the 6th pick.
  7. Nuggets: None of the top prospects have worked out for the Denver Nuggets, but that shouldn’t and wouldn’t steer them away from grabbing the best player on the board. You have to think they would pick any of the aforementioned prospects. Maybe Bender or Murray here. They also has the 19th pick. Maybe they try to trade up to get someone they believe will turn their future around alongside Emmanuel Mudiay. A name that continues to be floated around in trade circles is Danilo Gallinari.
  8. Kings: What’s unlikely to fall in a team’s favor, is the hope that Sacramento has for Hield falling into their laps with the 8th pick. We’re talking about a player that may score more career points than anybody else coming out in this draft. Boston has placed the 3rd pick on the table, and they would love to get their hands on DeMarcus Cousins, if he were to finally get traded after years of rumors. Even if the fit doesn’t make perfect sense, I do believe Hield to be a top-5 prospect that a team should take as the best player available when they’re on the clock. If the Kings have their hearts set on Hield, same with the Pelicans and Dunn, then I would bet that they need to trade up a couple of spots to get their guys. The guards are likely to get drafted before Murray does.

Teams that may inquire about trading up:

  • Raptors (9th & 27th): With DeMar DeRozan hitting free agency, and Bizmack Miyombo, there may be some changes north of the border. Maybe they can hang onto the all-star wing in DeRozan, so Toronto may be happy selecting at those spots. It does give them some ammo to trade up for a player that they have their eyes on, perhaps a DeRozan replacement.
  • Bucks (10th pick): Michael Carter-Williams just might be on the block again with Giannis Antetokounmpo expected to play more at the point guard position. A playoff team the season before, now a lottery team, they could very well take the conservative route and stand pat.
  • Bulls (14th pick): Maybe they only want to keep one of Derrick Rose or Jimmy Butler. There are some talented players that can make an instant impact in this draft. The latest rumor has the Knicks interested in the former MVP Rose, who do not have a draft pick at this time.
  • Hawks (21st pick): The thought is that Jeff Teague could be had for the right price. Al Horford’s pending free agency could push Atlanta to move up for a big man.
  • Knicks/Nets: Supposedly, both teams have communicated to players that they are trying to acquire a pick between the late first round and early in the second round.