How I View the Warriors After Losing

gs warriors

Had the Golden State Warriors repeated against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Draymond Green would have been named MVP of The Finals. That’s especially crazy, when you consider that he got suspended for a game, a game in which they lost. Green plays out of position, bigger than he really is, and it’s amazing. I’m not too fond of his flexing, but I appreciate his passion and he provides the heart and soul. He’s an animated guy, like Joakim Noah, that you love to play with but hate to play against. There isn’t anything he can’t really do on the court. I look forward to watching Green further expand his game, especially if the team adds another big man that can play small ball next to him.

It would not have been the regular season MVP Steph Curry, for the 2nd straight Finals’ appearance. For one, that goes to show how talented and deep the Warriors are, and two, as Tristan Thompson stated after winning the title, “be the star of your role.” OKC’s Billy Donovan blueprint, to go along with his lengthy and athletic team, really helped the Cavs out with how to defend the Splash Brothers.

Curry looked like just another good player on the court in this series. Klay Thompson proved me right in a way, manifesting that he is a star for sure, but not “the guy” like Roman Reigns was before he was also dethroned last night. Thompson isn’t a franchise player in my eyes, but an elite player in the league that is top-3 at his position. So, I’m not trying to knock guys that are great at what they do, but I’ve said these things all along and they needed some clarity.

Curry won the title in his first appearance, lost this time around, and that reminds me of a couple NFL quarterbacks, one being Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. We all know that they’re a defensive-oriented team with the star dual-threat quarterback. The difference between them, I would say, is that Wilson has been more of a game manager that rose to the occasion when ask to. Curry has been more consistently imposing by winning a pair of MVPs and drilling over 400 trays. The Seahawks’ identity has been shifting, as the offense transitions from being predicated around Marshawn Lynch running the football, to handing the keys over to Wilson similar to Cam Newton’s emergence. Curry hasn’t played his best in championship series, something that was a topic of conversation during the great Peyton Manning’s career, but there is plenty of basketball and big time games for Curry to right the ship.

What we do know heading into the offseason, is that Luke Walton will coach the Los Angeles Lakers, and that Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli are free agents. May I add how fantastic it was for the Warriors to acquire both Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa, the best backcourt off the bench in the entire league? We know the Dubs are interested in the most prized free agent this summer, Kevin Durant, along with every other team in the Association. Golden State probably doesn’t have to change much when you look at back-to-back appearances in The Finals. They can’t simply ignore how other teams will try to improve their rosters while, perhaps, adapting to an even more uptempo Western Conference style of play.

Should they stand pat and fill the possible voids that Barnes and Ezeli may leave? Will it be as easy as replacing those roles? Or, should they think bigger, which could mean shedding 1/3 or 1/2 of the current players. I’m eluding to a trade for another star like DeMarcus Cousins, finding the right pieces to incorporate different talents that they don’t already have, or going for Durant or a guy like DeMar DeRozen in free agency. The good thing is that they don’t have to do too much, they’ve been the best in the west. This isn’t Space Jam, where the Splash Brothers are going to stop hitting 3-pointers all of a sudden.

Although they were one game from elimination against the OKC Thunder, they prevailed to the point of being one game away from a repeat as well. As good as they are, it will be interesting to see what they do over the next few years in an effort to become a dynasty.