5/29/17: Kaepernick, Jacobs, Spurs Free Agency

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  1. Giants owner John Mara told The Monday Morning Quarterback that the Giants didn’t discuss signing Kaepernick this offseason, and that they’ve heard from many fans who would be angry if they did.

“All my years being in the league, I never received more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue. If any of your players ever do that, we are never coming to another Giants game. It wasn’t one or two letters. It was a lot. It’s an emotional, emotional issue for a lot of people, more so than any other issue I’ve run into.”

Pro Football Talk recalls the Giants signed kicker Josh Brown to a new contract after he was arrested for domestic violence, and kept him on the team last year after he was suspended for domestic violence. It’s extraordinary that Mara says he heard from more fans about Kaepernick — a player on another team, who didn’t do anything illegal — than about Brown.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell was also asked about the QB saying that no question he’s capable and he doesn’t think that his skill level has diminished to the point where he would be completely ineffective.

My take on Kaepernick, is that the guy declined under Jim Harbaugh, the same coach that inserted him into the lineup for Alex Smith. Kap had some standout moments, mainly against Green Bay in the playoffs. He’s good enough to be on a team, good enough to compete for a starting role, and would be considered an elite backup without question. But, he made a decision to take a political stand social, and we’re all aware how the NFL operates. All it takes is one team and it’s possible, sure. Not looking likely, however.

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  1. Retired running back Brandon Jacobs told CBS Radio that Jim Harbaugh didn’t know what he was doing with the 49ers and that he will expose the coach to the point that Michigan will fire him.

Pro Football Talk recalls the history between Jacobs and Harbaugh. Jacobs joined the Niners in 2012, hurt his knee heading into that season, came back and wasn’t effective. He proceeded to vent about playing time, hating his boss, and that season being the worst year. During that season he was deactivated for a game and later suspended after his motor mouth kept spouting off.

Not that I find this to be a real story to dive into or anything like that, but it’s somewhat entertaining. I’ll leave it with a final statement from Jacobs. “He is a bitch and that’s why he’s never won anything. It is what it is. I’ve got 2 rings. Harbaugh, though, he’s a bitch. So it doesn’t matter.”

Well, if it didn’t matter Brandon, why are you still salty. Hmm…must be feeling irrelevant I see. I’ll give you some attention. Congrats on the 2 rings, thank the other 52 teammates, staff, and front office while you’re at it. You played a role in that, but you know damn well it takes more than you and a good offense. San Fran was close, Harbaugh is an old school coach with a different personality, Michigan football is back and benefiting. He’s been in the game since 1982 as a player or a coach. Brandon, your football days are over after a 9-year career that ended in 2013.  I will always remember you in a timeshare for being a big back that could be brought down by a shoelace. We can all move on with our lives now.

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  1. In the NBA, putting 2 standout wing players on the same team and the W’s seem to follow. There’s not a lot of those combos out there. Jordan/Pippen was special, we know that. LeBron/D-Wade, also special. What if the Spurs landed Gordon Hayward or Paul George?

Hayward would be a more likely target for San Antonio, and how about pairing him up with the Klaw? Kawhi Leonard is an elite 2-way player. Hayward is just one-step down from that, but still a high-level 2-way player. They both may very well be in their primes, yet there is still more room for development and that’s a scary thing individually, let alone as a possible tandem.

If not Hayward, they’ll definitely be in play for other playmakers, such as CP3 or Kyle Lowry. I mean, Manu Ginobli is hanging it up, Tony Parker got hurt and he’s near the end, they are going to add another playmaker in some form. CP3 is ideal, Lowry would be a great fit, or just maybe Ricky Rubio will finally get shipped off the trading block. What if they snagged Derek Rose? Not that I’m right about every single thing in the sports world, but I do get some good bets and predictions in there, which includes predicting LaMarcus Aldridge to the Spurs back in 2013. 2 years later, it happened. For the record, not that I’m crazy confident about this one, I had Chris Paul as the next big name to head to the Spurs since 2014.