NBA Free Agency: Gordon Hayward

NBA: Utah Jazz at Atlanta Hawks

I keep telling basketball fans, when it comes to free agency, that I don’t consider Boston to be the favorite to land forward Gordon Hayward. I understand that Brad Stevens coached him at Butler. They will definitely call him and try to ink him to a deal this summer.

I don’t think it’s a given that he leaves Utah, and not just because they can offer him the best financial situation. The Jazz have been building something good, slowly but surely. They have a nice blend of youth and veterans to remain in the playoff picture for years to come.

The one team that I feel is in on all free agents, whether publicized or not, is the Miami Heat. They always position themselves to add impact players. Sure, they’re coming off a season where they missed the playoffs due to a tiebreaker, and probably would have been bounced in the first round, but there were a lot of positives. That includes a 13-game winning streak.

I’m not saying that they would necessarily be contenders with the addition of Hayward. I am saying that the Heat are right behind the Jazz, and ahead of the Celtics, as all three teams and more will try to sign the all-star. Hayward would fit right in with the Heat or Celtics. His style of play makes him a universal fit for any team. The Spurs, absolutely, but that’s a given. Let’s just say that Utah will have their work cut out for them.

Gordon, as you may be aware, is a strong two-way player that gets involved in every aspect of the game. He’s not quite Jimmy Butler or Paul George, yet there’s still room for improvement and he’s already a hell of a ball player. He’s up there. I’ll tell you this much, I’ll take Gordon over Carmelo Anthony.