7/17/17: Around the NFL

carson wentz.jpgwentz

I’m going to start off with Carson Wentz and curtail the topic into the other quarterbacks of his class.

The fans and media that actually watched his season transpire, they know what’s up. Not to say that he played flawlessly as a rookie, he certainly had his growing pains and will continue to do so just like anyone else, let alone as a quarterback. Carson Wentz’s adjusted completion percentage, which discounts drops, bumped up from 62% to 74%. Drops are part of the game, but you need all of the information to develop an educated opinion.

Dak Prescott had a fantastic season in a better situation. Jared Goff, not so much, but he was clearly in the worst situation of the group. Both, Wentz and Prescott, started as rookies when they were expected to sit behind Sam Bradford and Tony Romo, respectively. Goff started the second half of the season after Jeff Fisher wisely put Case Keenum on the field to take the hits. Wisely? Yes, just refer to how the Texans’ number one overall selection of David Carr fizzled out. The guy got sacked 50 times per season. Now, Goff has an offensive minded Sean McVay going in his favor, and that’s vital for any quarterback.

Prescott played well and was not the reason for Dallas’ playoff loss to Green Bay. His deficiencies were easier to mask. He took advantage of the play-action, which turned out to be the key for the Cowboys to win the division. Prescott looks like a mix between Russell Wilson and Andy Dalton. Simultaneously, Wentz dropped back without consistent protection, didn’t get to benefit from the ground game, and we all know about the underwhelming receiving group.

What I saw in the 2nd overall pick was a tough guy that will stand tall in the pocket to deliver a strike while taking a hit. Repeatedly. I saw a guy control the offense at the line of scrimmage, someone who has the instincts to elude pressure, and the athleticism to scramble. The best part about his scrambling, although he could pick up first downs with his legs, the young QB was always looking to pass downfield. It’s early, but Wentz looks like part Brett Favre and part Andrew Luck.


Why can’t the Cowboys stay out of trouble? Simple, they’re America’s Team. That means that they get all the love and all the hate that you can imagine. Look, we can only base our initial opinions off of what gets reported. From there, we can throw in the star football player being a target of society and all of those scenarios. Usually, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. This isn’t the only situation going on for the 2nd year standout.

Some of his teammates have served suspensions, are currently serving suspensions, and he is rumored to be joining them. It may only be a game or two, but still. What about the next situation? I ask because there isn’t one isolated incident, this may be a pattern of things, plus the fact that Dallas allows their player personalities to exude.


david johnson

I’m a big fan. If you pay attention to David Johnson, you should be as well. I think he’s the most valuable running back in all of football. There’s always something with Le’Veon Bell, that’s just the fact of the matter. Ezekiel Elliot inherited an elite offensive line, that just is what it is, but he also has a looming suspension.

The thing is, I believe that running backs should be treated like starting pitchers, on a pitch count. There’s an entire regular season to endure, not to mention there’s always next year. Of course, there are those situations to win a game where a 25-30 touch game is needed for a player of Johnson’s status. That type of usage can’t be called upon for every game, however, unless the player and team want to go all out with no regard for human longevity. Then so be it.


Whenever I hear about Josh Gordon or some suspension, I think of Justin Blackmon. Man, this guy flashed some elite talent in 20 career games. Hopefully, he’s been able to use some of that NFL money to get his life on track. His appearance at a hometown football camp appears to be a good sign, especially since he was all about the camp and decided not to grant an interview. He didn’t make it about himself. Getting back to his roots of home and football, it just wasn’t the right time for him to speak out.