Field Goal: Giants, Coaches, Tyrod Taylor

Field goal is exactly what you think it is, three points on the National Football league.

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Giants Making Changes

Supposedly, Patriots D.C. Matt Patricia is the favorite to become the next head coach of the New York Giants. As most of us expect, the Giants may have to wait a few more weeks if the Pats continue to win in the playoffs on a journey to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

In all honestly, I can’t really tell you how Patricia will be as a head coach, because I don’t even know what to think of him as a defensive coordinator. Think about it. We all know that Bill Belichick is a defensive-oriented coach. He’s been running the defense, aside from setting the organizational tone in the locker room, and his GM duties on top of that. So, sure, Patricia might be doing more than we think, that’s also a possibility.

I will say that I liked the Dave Gettleman hire as the general manager. I thought Carolina was in the wrong for pushing him out, simply because he played hard ball with veteran players. Isn’t that his job? Steve Smith retired shortly after they let him go. Thomas Davis has declared next season to be his last. Isn’t it better to move on from a player a year sooner rather than a year later?

I bet some of you are pointing at Gettleman rescinding the franchise tag from Josh Norman, right? Let’s put it this way: the Panthers don’t have a strong secondary, Norman is an upper echelon cornerback. Just keep in mind, the Redskins missed the postseason while the Panthers were just eliminated. Actually, they had a chance on the final drive to win the game. Before I point to any defensive flaw that they may have, it is a must that they address the offensive line, first and foremost.

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Steve Spagnuolo

I highly doubt Spags would stick around the Big Apple if he wasn’t their next head coach. I think the deficiencies of the G-Men defense falls more on the players than his scheme. This is a coach that is an upper echelon D.C. Last year the Giants made a playoff run. Despite the name Odell Beckham Jr., it was the D that paved the way for that team.

Moving forward, if Jim Schwartz leaves Philadelphia for a head coaching position, I could see Spagnuolo reuniting with some familiar faces, including Doug Pederson. The Cardinals could be another destination after the loss of Bruce Arians. Perhaps, not as head coach, but I could see a scenario where he reunites with Minnesota O.C. Pat Shurmur somewhere.

I know Pete Carroll is proud of his coaching tree and all, but Spags’ style is right up his alley is you ask me. I checked and didn’t see that they crossed paths before. Plus, D.C. Kris Richard is still under contract, for now, all pointing to this possibility as a long shot.

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Tyrod Taylor’s Next Destination?

What do you think of Tyrod Taylor? A dual-threat talent that a team in need of a quarterback should take a chance on? Just another quarterback that can flash positive plays and all, but one that doesn’t get the job done? It’s fair to be on the fence here because he went from a backup on the Ravens to a starter Buffalo with much of a supporting cast. Mind you, Lesean McCoy is a stud in the backfield, you can’t say the same for Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, or Sammy Watkins. You know, the guys that run routes and catch the passes.

Taylor is more Alex Smith than anything else. He won’t throw for a lot of yardage or light up defenses with consistency, if ever. He can move around, make you gameplan for his legs, but he doesn’t pose a real threat to secondaries. He poses more of a running threat to linebackers, I think, than he really does going against them through the air. Being compared to Smith is not criticism. Players that are easy to categorize are used as a measurement in an attempt to pinpoint other players, so that’s what I mean by that.

I think Taylor has had weak receivers and tight ends, for the most part. Buffalo tried when they used a high pick on Watkins, when they traded for Matthews, and again, when they traded for Benjamin. Watkins and Benjamin can’t stay healthy, and Matthews, it seems that he’s always asked to play a bigger role when he’s only productive as a slot receiver. As for Taylor, he holds the ball too long for my liking. I can’t give him any benefit of the doubt as a passer. Whether he’s indecisive or struggles to read a defense, I see him as someone that just throws short or scrambles.

It is understandable to believe Denver to show interest in him this offseason. They reached out to him during the 2015 offseason and their quarterback room is a complete and utter mess. Peyton Manning wasn’t that bad after all, huh Denver? It’s about time that they go all out to shore up the offensive line. Like seriously, I don’t understand the Broncos, Colts, Chargers, and Giants. Just wasting talent and letting time pass them by. Especially in Denver’s case, a team that recently appeared in a couple Super Bowls and bringing one of those trophies home.

I know everyone likes to throw the Jets and Browns out there since they are always searching for a QB. Heck, those maybe the only calls to Taylor this offseason for all we know. But, what if the Jaguars or Bengals looked at him as an upgrade after doing their homework? The Cardinals aren’t far removed from playoff success, but the direction they go under center won’t be attended to until they find a new coaching staff. These would be the only 6 teams in the league that I see Taylor getting a chance to compete to be a starter again. Otherwise, I would love for him to be a backup somewhere. An elite backup is a big deal if you’re learning anything from this season.